Why Anchor Foster Care?

We are a not-for-profit, family-run, independent fostering agency with over 20 years of experience

Our focus is to provide safety, stability and hope for the children.

This means we do not focus on making a profit or paying shareholders dividends.

We know that in order to ensure the best possible fostering experience, we must provide foster carers with the same level of support as our young people. As well as this, we offer a great range of benefits and training to suit your needs.



We know that in order to help you be the best foster carers, we need to give you the best support. The support we offer includes:

  • 24-hour telephone support available, 365 days per year
  • Backup from Supervising Social Worker (SSW) and Manager on call 24/7
  • 25 days paid respite per year at the professional element rate of the weekly allowance
  • Full and comprehensive training provided locally free of charge
  • Regular support groups
  • Regular support visits
  • Half-term and summer holiday activities for foster children
  • We liaise with the team that surrounds the child. This includes the child's support worker and other professionals that surround the child
  • Support workers are available to assist with transport and home cover when needed
  • Support workers available to take foster children out for one-to-one social, educational and developmental activities
  • 6 sessions of therapy included for all foster children to help deal with loss, separation and other trauma


  • Well established organisation endorsed with a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating
  • We are not-for-profit. We invest everything in our carers and children
  • Small and growing, family-run and child-centred. We know all our foster carers and children well
  • We pay a generous fostering allowance of up to £1,200 per week, per child, depending on the placement's complexity/specialism
  • Self-employed status for carers with a generous tax allowance from HMRC
  • 25 days paid respite (holiday) per year
  • Fantastic Referral Scheme of up to £1000 for referring new carers to Anchor
  • Membership of The Fostering Network, including insurance cover for all foster carers
  • Membership of CoramBAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering), which also provides professional, legal and financial advice
  • Professional development through specialist training and support groups to prepare you for specialist placements
  • A thorough matching process which ensures you have the right foster placement for your family
  • Assistance with preparing young people for independent living
  • Social activities for carers, families and staff
  • We send cards, flowers, chocolates or gifts to all staff, carers and children celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or significant achievements
  • Welfare visits and support if you are unwell, or facing challenges or loss


  • Full and comprehensive training is provided locally free of charge
  • Skills to Foster (a mandatory course) done during assessment
  • TCIF (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families) training is included as standard to help you manage trauma and difficult behaviours
  • Additional & specialist training is provided for disability and specialist placements
  • We also help to identify additional training, if required to support your professional development

Any Questions? See the answers to our Frequently asked Questions here, or contact us for an informal chat.

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Good Quality Service

Here’s what OFSTED says about Anchor:

“Children make good progress while living with their foster families and benefit from the good relationships of trust that they develop with foster carers. Foster carers provide consistency, stability, security, support and a good quality of care to the children who live with them, and most children remain in placement for several years.

Foster carers support children to engage in activities and hobbies and to develop their interests. Staff offer a variety of activities, clubs and experiences which children attend, enjoy and use well to socialise with friends.  

The manager leads the agency effectively -  senior leaders and managers are child focused, with a clear vision, aspiration and focus. The agency provides support to children and foster carers as described in its statement of purpose.

Staff and foster carers access a wide range of appropriate local training. Most members of staff and the majority of foster carers have been trained in the agency’s preferred therapeutic approach,and those who have completed the training have found it to be beneficial and informative.

Leaders, managers, staff and foster carers collectively celebrate and recognise children’s and young people’s achievements. They are also quick to address new concerns that arise and changes in children’s needs, requesting a review as required.”


Application Process

We do our assessment in two parts; stage 1 (Police and other checks and references), and stage 2 (Form F Assessment of your home and family with a qualified Social Worker). Whenever possible we do both stages concurrently, meaning that the process takes approximately 4 months. For foster carers transferring from another organisation, the assessment period can be reduced.

Process to becoming a Foster Carer

If you want to know more about Anchor, message us on Facebook or give us a call on 0800 328 3119.