Black Lives Matter: Resources

The recent killing of a black man, George Floyd, by police in the USA has precipitated conversations around institutional and structural racism towards Black, Asian and Ethnic minorities.      

Within Anchor Foster Care, we have been having our own discussions about racial inequalities. In particular, we focused on the experiences of children and their perspectives on Black Lives Matter. We wanted to know what conversations around race and inequality might look like within fostering households, and to ensure that both children and foster carers felt safe to approach the topic.   

The first of many staff conversations to help us understand has already taken place. Facilitated by an independent psychotherapist, it was very productive.  

We hope that a positive outcome of our discussions will be an increase in our collective ability to better recognise and understand the experiences of our staff and foster families. Through understanding staff and foster families’ experiences of racism, we hope we can begin to explore practical ways to provide better support in our practice.        

As an organisation committed to providing safety, stability and hope for the children and young people we look after, we acknowledge our responsibility to work hard towards ensuring those in our care feel safe and hopeful in a stable environment where they are not treated any less because of the colour of their skin.    
We realise and understand how emotive and sometimes difficult this conversation is for many of us. This is an ongoing conversation and one which we are encouraging staff and foster families to have to ensure we all work together to create a safe, hopeful, and stable environment for the children and young people in our care. We have put together a list of resources which we hope will help to support the process.     


Farayi Chinyemba  
Managing Director, Anchor Foster Care


Black Lives Matter Resource List

BBC Radio 4 - How To Talk To Your Children About Race And Racism 

News Round What Is White Privilege? (Video)

Yoopies - A Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter (PDF) 

CBBC - Blue Peter Presenters Explain Racism (Video)  

Show Racism the Red Card - Home School Activity: Who Am I? (PDF)  

Red Cross - Black Lives Matter: Resources for Young People (PowerPoint Download)

Channel 4 - The School That Tried To End Racism (TV Broadcast)


Further Reading & Links

Nikesh Shukla - The Good Immigrant (Link to Book) 

Sharon Purtill - It's OK To Be Different: A Children's Picture Book About Diversity and Kindness (Link to Book) 

Woodmansterne School, Lambeth (Primary) - BAME Books (PDF)

Woodmansterne School, Lambeth (Primary) - Diverse Picturebooks BLM QR Codes (PDF)

Thomas Harding Junior School - Black Lives Matter 2020 Resource (PDF)