As a foster carer, you will need to ensure you have the right level of insurance. 

Having a foster child will affect your insurance. We advise you to talk to your insurance companies to make sure you have the right level of insurance. You should talk to both your home and car insurance companies who will be able to tell you what cover you need. 
Your insurance should cover each foster child. It is always good practice to ask your insurance companies for written confirmation of the foster child being on the policy. 

When getting insurance to cover foster children you should ask the following questions:

  • Are there any restrictions, exclusions or reductions to the policy?
  • What is the process in claiming for foster carer insurance?
  • If I get a new placement or a placement leaves, do I need to inform you?
  • Do you cover accidental damage done by a foster child?
  • Do you cover intended damage done by a foster child?
  • Do you cover my foster child’s possessions?
  • Is there a limit to the number of foster children?
  • Is there a team dedicated to foster carer's policy? If so, is there someone I can get advice from if needed?
  • Do I need to inform you if a foster child has a criminal background? / Does the policy cover this?

This will give you a better understanding and will help to ensure you get the right cover. It is also important to make sure that your insurer understands your role and get you the required cover. One home insurance provider that specialises in home insurance for foster carers is Towergate Insurance. 

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