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As a parent, you want your child to have the best life possible. But sometimes it can be difficult if, for whatever reason, you are unable to provide this. Sometimes parents need some encouragement and guidance on how to care for their children by someone who has been through what they're going through themselves - which is where parent and child fostering comes in! This type of foster caring offers both a safe environment with experienced people there as mentors who can guide parents toward being better nurturers while ensuring children get valued attention from parents, professionals such as doctors and educators, and other key workers so everyone’s needs were met.

Could You Be A Great Role Model?

There are many different types of foster care but none quite like parent-child fostering. You not only provide a safe and nurturing environment for the child, you also help guide their parents on how to become proper caregivers themselves. Parent-child fostering is a unique way to provide care for both parent and child. While it most often involves a mother and her baby, it can sometimes involve more than one child, a father and child, or a mother, father, and their baby or children as well.

At Anchor, we are determined to improve lives by giving children a safe and stable environment – an environment that is only possible because of people like you, who foster. Our team involves a blend of foster carers, social workers, and placement officers, each one utilising their in-depth knowledge to ensure best matches for those placed with us. Our parent and child fostering assessment team study young people’s needs in detail to find the perfect match, ensuring that both the carer and the one cared-for are satisfied. At Anchor, care starts with YOU. We value dedication and commitment to helping others much more than your qualifications. We have a wide range of programmes for adults and young people and are always looking for outstanding individuals to support more placements. At Anchor, we don’t just help young people, but also help you scale new professional and personal heights.


Pre-Birth Placements

Parenting Support Placements

Assessment Placements

These are placements designed particularly for young, expecting mothers.

Carers involved in fostering mothers
in this phase make a critical
contribution to the health and well-being of both the mother and child.

This includes preparing mums for
birth, teaching parents what their newborn will need, what to consider
for their child’s health and development, how to be a safe
parent and more.

This parent and child placement focuses on supporting and helping parents; young or mature. In this programme, the focus is on doing instead of assessing the parent.

The emphasis for these types of placements is on practical support
and helping the parent, rather than assessing, unless required.

Foster carers introduce and polish parenting skills, focusing on
confidence and decision making.

Assessment placements may be voluntary or court-ordered, carried out by an assigned local authority social worker, or foster carers at Anchor.

These parent and child assessments will ascertain whether a parent is able to both keep their child/children safe
as well as meet their needs.

Assessments normally take 12 weeks but may be extended if necessary.

Our Parent & Child
Fostering Placements


Our foster carers in the Kent, Midlands, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, East Sussex, and South London areas take
a holistic approach to ensure parents and children placed with them get the best possible care you could ask for.

Here, we offer guidance, assistance, and practical or direct support for all sorts of tasks, such as finances,
health, lifestyle shopping, behaviour
modelling, and more. As a foster
carer, you will conduct assessments
to understand what areas to improve upon.

Furthermore, as you stay in close proximity to parents and children, you will be responsible for supervising parents and children on a daily basis
to observe and report their progress, and if anything is amiss.


  • Change the lives of others by giving them a safe and caring environment
  • Help individuals and families through the situation they have come to be in 
  • Help parents through the
    miracle of childbirth; a stressful yet emotionally fulfilling event
  • Advise parents about life after childbirth, any neonatal issues, and more
  • Lend a listening ear to adults
    and young people; being their shoulder to lean on
  • Gain new personal and professional skills in a flexible environment, opening new
    doors in your professional and personal life.


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How We Help Those in Our Care

At Anchor, it’s all about teamwork. We don’t just mean between peers, but also between foster carers and those placed with them. You, as a foster carer, won’t just be enabling others to be the best versions of themselves but will also unlock your true self in the process. You will be supervising the young, working jointly as a team, enabling them to live life to the fullest.

Create a home-like, safe, and welcoming environment for
parents and children

Ensure everyone is comfortable
with the room provided,
storage space,
and more

Give young people every
opportunity to become
independent and care for their dependent/s,
once ready

Help with essential life skills,
such as budgeting, laundry,
self-love, confidence,
and more

Support those in care
with day-to-day needs,
including special needs

Maintain daily records
and ensure young people
access comments
Take emergency action
if and when required
to protect those
in your care
Provide assistance; go above
and beyond to be
helpful and care

Offer additional support
to help cope 
with parenthood and/or teenage pregnancy


See What A 

Parent & Child Foster Carer Has 

To Say About Us

"I work with Parent and Child placements. I choose to work specifically with them as I am a single female carer living on my own.

Having a newborn baby in the house can be a bit of a shock. When they come to your home there is a duty of care to the baby. Sometimes you have to teach the mother to be a mother.

The best part for me, having a parent and baby placement is seeing a change. It’s such a great feeling.

I worked with a mother
and baby where the baby was on the at-risk register. Within 6 months the baby was off the risk register.
They now have their own place and the mother has a job. It’s very rewarding helping the mother and knowing that they can go on to be independent."Image

Vivien, (Foster Carer) Kent

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Do you think you can nurture children and/or parents? Do you think you have the skills necessary to take care of people in a spot? Or do you simply have an undying resolve to help those around you? If so, Anchor invites you to join us and do more. We’ll help you acquire and polish, skills needed to become a parent and child foster placement specialist.

At Anchor, we are always looking for talented and observant carers to support parents and their dependents. Whether you’re experienced or are new in the industry with a heart of gold, get in touch with us today! You simply have to call and show interest; we’ll train you and get you ready to care. Call us to learn more, or simply to say hello! We’re a friendly bunch, we promise.

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