How Will Fostering Affect My Children?

When a family considers fostering another child, every member of that family is part of that decision in some way; this includes the children.

The team at Anchor Foster Care want to make sure every placement is a success. This is why our assessment process includes a session with children in the potential foster family. We also provide extensive support for the carer's children. They play as much of a crucial part of the fostering family as the main foster carers themselves.

In addition to providing support services and offering the chance for children to meet other children in a similar situation, we also provide 25 days paid(at professional element of the weekly allowance)respite per year for each foster family. This ensures the fostering family can look forward to a family break that does not involve fostering. We also provide children activities during the half term and summer holidays for birth children and foster children, giving them a chance to spend time away from the fostering household and mingle with other young people.

If you wish to find out more about the support we provide for your children before and during the fostering process, please don't hesitate to get in touch.