Transfer Testimonial

My husband and I honestly cannot praise/recommend Anchor enough. They are simply wonderful.

We were existing foster carers and we wished to transfer to another. We really did our homework when considering who to transfer to and we thoroughly interrogated Anchor prior to deciding to join them; we wanted to know about the support provided to the carers, support provided to the children and young people, how they ensure that fostering families feel considered and cared for as a fostering community, etc.

We were so impressed; they hold local events for fostering families to be a part of, they provide additional support freely and they arrange for the children and young people to attend a fun break away each year. They are very sensitive to the needs of the children/young people and the carers and will respond readily and accordingly.

Due to a change in our personal circumstance, we decided to stop fostering and therefore did not complete the transfer to Anchor. However even at this point (bearing in mind they had invested lots of money into our assessment, attending 'transfer' meetings with us and our current agency, and by allowing us to participate in training sessions), we were still spoken to and treated with understanding and empathy. The fact is, even though we had caused them inconvenience, they were still so lovely to us.

All of the staff we came across were kind, friendly and well-informed; they really have excellent values within the Company. Should we consider fostering again, there will be no doubt that we will be heading straight to Anchor. Thank you so much Anchor, for making our experience with you lovely. I could honestly say so much more.

Natalie and Chiedu N