Why Become A Foster Carer?

The many benefits of becoming a Foster Carer include:

  • Having a rewarding career working from home
  • Experiencing a sense of achievement from helping others
  • Enjoying having children in your life
  • Gaining satisfaction from helping a child learn and develop
  • Having an opportunity to use your parenting or life skills
  • Helping your own family learn to share and care for others
  • Taking on a fresh challenge, at whatever age
  • No qualifications are required. Full training is provided by Anchor Foster Care

Ultimately, fostering makes a positive impact on children and young people's lives. Even if you only have a child for a short period of time, you have the ability to nurture the child, teach lifelong lessons and set positive examples for their future.

You can make a huge difference to a child or young person's life as well as to your own.

We are always looking for new foster carers, particularly to look after children and older teenagers. We also need carers for disabled children, sibling groups and parent and child placements.

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