Ofsted Report

Ofsted says,

“This is a good fostering agency where children and young people experience positive outcomes and are safe and well cared for as a result of a good quality service and robust safeguarding systems. Leaders and managers are actively involved in all aspects of service provision and demonstrate a high level of commitment to develop and improve the service so that children and young people continue to receive a good standard of care.

One particular strength of the agency is its placement stability which compares favourably with other independent fostering agencies. For the last three years the percentage of unplanned endings was below the national average, and so far this year the figure stands at 1%. Almost half of the agency's long-term placements have lasted over two years, and half of those are longer than five years. As a result, children and young people experience stability and security, form positive attachments with their carers and are enabled to develop to their full potential.

Another significant strength is its engagement with children and young people, including the birth children of foster carers. The agency provides activities every school holiday, including a five-day residential experience once a year. Not only does this enable children and young people to have fun and meet together, it provides the agency with opportunities for effective consultation, as children and young people form positive relationships with the staff involved. A young person confirmed this by saying: 'I trust the staff at Anchor and can talk to them about any worries.’”

Anchor has expanded its sphere of operation to other areas of the country, including the East Midlands and Luton, as well as Hastings and London, appointing project managers to develop the scope further in these locations. Since the last inspection in February 2012 there has been a net growth in placements of 39% and a net growth in fostering households of 33%.”

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