Ofsted Report

We are happy to announce that following our 2018 Ofsted inspection Anchor Foster Care received an overall rating of ‘Good’.

Ofsted said: 

“Children make good progress while living with their foster families and benefit from the good relationships of trust that they develop with foster carers. Foster carers
provide consistency, stability, security, support and a good quality of care to the
children who live with them, and most children remain in placement for several years.

Foster carers support children to engage in activities and hobbies and to develop their interests. Staff offer a variety of activities, clubs and experiences which children attend, enjoy and use well to socialise with friends.  

The manager leads the agency effectively -  senior leaders and managers are child focused, with a clear vision, aspiration and focus. The agency provides support to children and foster carers as described in its statement of purpose.

Staff and foster carers access a wide range of appropriate local training. Most members of staff and the majority of foster carers have been trained in the agency’s preferred therapeutic approach, and those who have completed the training have found it to be beneficial and informative.

Leaders, managers, staff and foster carers collectively celebrate and recognise children’s and young people’s achievements. They are also quick to address new concerns that arise and changes in children’s needs, requesting a review as required.”

Read the full Ofsted Inspection Report here