The Biggest and Best Life-Changing Activity in 2019?

Starting to foster is the one of the best things you could do this year – no wonder Anchor Foster Care had more than 500 enquiries from people wishing to foster a child in 2018.

8,100 foster carers are still needed across the UK however, so there is still some work to do.

Why not join us in our mission to place foster children in safe secure homes by starting to foster this year?

5 Incredible Ways You Benefit from Fostering 

  • Enjoy a flexible work life balance – fostering allows you to do a job that fits in with your family life.
  • Be fulfilled – for many, becoming a foster carer is the start of a new career doing something they really want to do.
  • Be appreciated - when you foster you make a big and lasting impression on foster children when they take on your advice and use it to shape a happy life for themselves.
  • Gain new skills – Fostering will reshape your life and you will have involvement in a range of new experiences. If you prefer an unchanging schedule, this role may not be for you. If however you thrive on new challenges then fostering is for you. 
  • Feel a general sense of pride – fostering family arrangements can be long term – subsequently foster parents get to watch a young person grow and change from a child or young person into a mature and adjusted young adult. What better reward is there?

It’s easy for Anchor Foster Care to talk about fostering young adults or fostering a child because we do it all day every day.

We know you will need more convincing than us talking about the benefits of fostering. So, don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our foster carer JT has to say:

“When we started as foster parents both my wife and I struggled at first – Our foster son was really angry to begin with and was having numerous meltdowns every day. We were nervous but threw ourselves into it. 

Everything has now changed dramatically.

Now he goes to family and friend’s houses to play, sometimes with us but often without, something he’d never done before.  This is because he’s not afraid anymore; he’s far more confident and happier.

He also has a lot more respect for my wife. He didn’t trust women before. 

The whole dynamics of our family have changed since we've become foster parents. Yes, there’s no more walking around in pants for my youngest son and now everything must be equal. We’ve had to adjust things, for example putting time limits on gaming. My children have accepted the changes and actually this has had a positive effect on the all the family. They now see their foster brother as another brother. Just to see the difference in our foster son in a year is incredible. 

He’s such a great kid and easy to love. It’s been a battle but he’s coming through the other end“

Fostering is not easy but it is a great opportunity to start a new life doing something you want to do, changing lives, yours and others for the better, for the long term.

Could you turn a life around this year?

Speak to one of our advisors to ask for more information about fostering. Get started on your new road to success today.