Foster children give view's to MP's

This month 17-year-old Rachel went to Westminster to share her foster care experience. Rachel did this as part of the Education Committee's inquiry into fostering. 

MP's listened to the children in care who said they want more support. They want more support in keeping in touch with siblings and former friends. They also said they'd like more information on the families that look after them. 

When talking to MP's Rachel expressed the importance of keeping siblings together. Looking back she wonders if things could have been done differently. She said:

"I was told I was moved away from them because I was overprotective with them, which in my eyes, as a sister, and you're moving away from home, I feel like it's an instinct straightaway to be protective, because you're moving in with a stranger that you don't know and you have to protect your siblings.
"But then I feel that instead of separating me from them, they could have done some work with me to say, 'The foster carer can look after your siblings,' or like tell me I don't need to do everything for them and I don't have to put a barrier up - they could have given me time to settle in so then they didn't have to separate us.

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Image credit: BBC