Vlog: Foster Carers Reveal Fostering Realities

Foster Carer Vlog

If you’re thinking about fostering now or in the future, our vlog series is for you.

We know when people think about fostering they may choose not to for many reasons, for example, ‘I’m not sure how my children will feel if I foster’, 'Can I continue to work while fostering?’ ‘Will my family-life will change too much?’ ‘I wonder if I might find the role too challenging?’.

Often these motivations are fear-based – and having an understanding of what could happen in a real situation is helpful to alleviate some of those concerns. Viewing our vlogs could be an eye-opening for you if you recognise any of the above scenarios and feel the same. 

  • Get a fascinating insight into fostering life, both expected and unexpected.
  • Listen as our foster carers talk through their first year as foster carers.
  • Find resolve for your dilemmas as you hear genuine reflections from a first-hand source.

Why not watch one of the vlogs right now, to see if you recognise yourself in any of the stories that our foster carers share. To access the vlogs, simply click on one of the links below. Alternatively, press the play button on the video to see the first vlog in our series. There will be eight vlogs in total, with a new episode published each week. Please keep coming back to check and see if the latest one has been uploaded.


Links to more videos: