About Anchor Foster Care

What do you need to know about Anchor Foster Care?

We are a well-established not-for-profit, independent fostering agency that has teams of staff and foster carers operating locally in Kent. Anchor Foster Care has a Head Office in Medway, Kent. In addition to this, we cover East Sussex, South London, North of London and the Midlands.

At Anchor, we pride ourselves on our friendly family feel and the strong support we provide. Through our committed foster carers and their families, hardworking staff and other professionals we offer a child-centred fostering service with a family focus.

We value our foster families because we know that the most stable and positive experiences for children come from the skilful, patient and resilient work of our foster carers and the people who support them.

It is important to us that we recruit foster carers who share our vision of a child/young people centred service. In addition to this, we seek those whose main aims are to promote good outcomes for the children and young people in our care by working to provide a secure base that enables them to achieve and realise their potential.