Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families (TCIF)

  • Venue: Kent Conference Centre, 69 Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6DP
  • 10th October 2019

We train all Anchor carers in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention For Families (TCIF) so our carers are better prepared and fully supported in handling difficult behaviour. The aim is to give carers the skills needed to stimulate change in traumatised young people and to enable young people to develop new habits in response to challenges. Most importantly, the training seeks to uphold the well-being of children and to treat them with dignity.

Techniques learnt include methods for lowering anger and reversing isolating or harmful behaviours, prevention of crises, and developing the ability within young people to self-regulate their behaviour.

Training practice also includes looking at ways of working together with children to provide safer, secure attachments from which young people feel empowered to act in positive ways.