Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition Backs Young People for Safe Homes

  • Venue: St Mary in the Castle, Hastings
  • 10th November 2019

With approximately 8000 children in need of a foster family in England and Wales, Anchor Foster Care are grateful to Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition (HIPCC) for shining a light on this tragic number.

As a local, not for profit, family-run, and age-inclusive foster agency nurturing young people’s life story, we value music as a therapeutic tool in the work we do supporting children in care.

HIPCC have shown support for us by making available 5 free tickets for the first completed web registrations to 'Clara a Story of Love and Loss' for people with children aged 11 to 16. You must register before 12 noon Friday. 

Please visit the website for further information https://hastingsconcertocompetition.co.uk/