It's summertime and at Anchor, we're really excited. Summer is a great time to get outside and go on an adventure. Whether it's on a day out or exploring your garden or local area, it's all good fun. 

To help give you some inspiration we've put together some idea's for you. 

As we said it's a fantastic time of year to get outdoors. Get the family active and go on a walk or bike ride. There are lots of routes in your local areas. Along with walks and bike rides, there is a range of parks and seasides you can go to. All you have to do is pack a picnic and you're good to go. If you struggle to get your child outdoors and active then follow our tips to get your child outdoors and active

If you want to explore a new place with the family, then take them to a National Trust or English Heritage place. They have a variety of places across the country so wherever you go you'll have a new place to visit.  

Looking for activities to do at home then take a look at our Pinterest Page. We have put together lots of ideas including some that are perfect for summer. In our summer activities, there is a free 'Summer Bucket List' printable. Print it off and get your children to write down the things they want to do over the summer. Alternatively, you could write some key summer things and get them to tick them off as they go.