Seven Common Doubts Stopping You From Fostering

Fostering doubts

Foster caring is a dream vocation, career and aspiration for many. Having a large family or even just one person to care for is a real want for some. Accurate application form filling, crucial social work visits and first foster child challenges have not (thankfully) deterred the 43,475 foster families in England. 

However, for those who think about fostering but do not apply to become foster carers, the setbacks that dissuade them usually fall into seven simple categories.

Our list of seven common doubts that stop those who want to foster from fostering outline the top reasons why people think about foster caring but then don't start. Have you used one of these excuses when you decided not to apply to foster?

Seven common doubts that stop those who want to foster from fostering:

1. You think being a foster carer will be too difficult.

2. You think adoption and fostering are the same and don't want a permanent lifestyle change.

3. You think you've passed the maximum age that you can foster.

4. You think the process of becoming a foster carer is lengthy and complicated.

5. You want to become a foster carer, but you're not sure if you'd be good at it.

6. You don't know what to expect or how to get practical help if things go wrong.

7. You don't know if you can actively work and be a full time foster carer.

We tap into some of the above frequently used reasons in our foster care vlogs. Featuring a genuine fostering couple, watch to learn if your rationales for not fostering are reasonable doubts or actually, just questionable falsehoods. We think you'll find the truth behind fostering is surprising - in an incredible way.

If you're thinking about fostering please don't be deterred -  start fostering with Anchor Foster Care today