My Muslim Fostering Family Series

My Muslim Fostering Family Series

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Our Luton staff and foster carers have been filmed for a new British Muslim TV series, ‘My Muslim Foster Family’. The 12 programmes cover a range of topics and aims to give accurate information about fostering in the UK for Muslim families. Supervising Social Worker Maggie represented Anchor during filming in Luton, and Anchor foster carer Salsabeela was filmed at home. The series was broadcast on Sky Channel 845 and on British Muslim TV. The series will be available on Youtube until further notice.

The TV series is backed by Penny Appeal, a charity who provide relief across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The charity has launched a referral scheme for agencies to help recruit Muslim foster families.


EPISODE 1: Introduction to fostering and establishing the need for Muslim foster carers

Avril, a non-Muslim carer who has fostered Muslim children, helps us to understand what fostering is and why there is a need for Muslim foster carers. Episode 1/12


EPISODE 2: What Islam says about fostering.

Nargis, a Muslim parent who fostered and then adopted her son Luqmaan, helps us to understand the religious perspective on fostering. We also hear from sheikh Aamer and Moulana Hanif. Episode 2/12


EPISODE 3: The experiences of children in care

Keighlagh and Sonia talk about their experiences of living in foster care.  Episode 3/12


EPISODE 4: Contact between the children and birth family

We revisit Sonia (from episode 3), who speaks about her experiences of being visited by birth family during her time in foster carer. Episode 4/12


EPISODE 5: Becoming a foster carer

Sabbir and other foster carers discuss the many obstacles they faced along the journey to becoming approved. Episode 5/12


EPISODE 6: The role of the social worker and fostering agency

Ansar, an experienced foster carer of teenage children, speaks about the support he receives from his fostering agency. Episode 6/12


EPISODE 7: Fostering refugees

Unaccompanied asylum seeking and refugee children have specific needs in foster care. Gulwali, an Afghan refugee, describes his journey to the UK and life in foster care. Episode 7/12


EPISODE 8: Fostering different religions

An insight into why Muslim foster carers are often asked to care for non-Muslim children. Muslim foster carers explain how they manage these requirements. Episode 8/12


EPISODE 9: Fostering teenagers

Sabbir and his wife Jubaida are foster carers who look after teenagers. They explain what that entails and how they manage the mehrum considerations. Episode 9/12


EPISODE 10: Managing challenging behaviour in foster care

Sonia and Kieghlagh talk about their challenging behaviour when they were in foster care and foster carers explain how the risks are managed. Episode 10/12


EPISODE 11: Fostering children with disabilities

We meet foster carers who look after children with disabilities. Saduf, who cares for children with additional needs, speaks about her experiences. Episode 11/12


EPISODE 12: The experiences of care leavers

Care experienced adults speak about their lives after foster care and Afshan (a social worker and foster carer), speaks about her work with care experienced adults. Episode 12/12