Children Need Protection on Social Media

Children Need Protection on Social Media

Should the Government be doing more to protect children on social media? 

The answer is, yes! Social media channels have their own rules but they're failing to help keep children safe. The issues that face children on social media are, cyber-bullying, child abuse, grooming and hate speech. These are all things that children shouldn't have to deal with and there should be things in place for this. That's why the NSPCC is calling for more to be done. They want there to be new laws in place which will force social networks to protect children. 


What are they asking for?

Well, it's simply they want there to be a rulebook created by the Government. This would then be enforced by an independent regulator. There are 3 main parts they want to include within the rulebook which include; safe accounts for under 18's, creating alerts for grooming and bullying and to have dedicated online safety guardians. 


We need to be protecting children and young people. With technology and the internet being easily accessible we need to ensure that they are protected. Having these rules will help to enforce some guidelines to help children and young people stay safe. 


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