Are Children Worrying too Much?

Are Children Worrying too Much?

Are children worrying too much? What with school, family and friends children have a lot to think about. Children feel a lot of pressure to do well in school. Along with worrying about the well-being of their friends and family. At their age they shouldn’t be worrying a lot, should they?

At the end of 2016, 20 schools across England, Scotland and Wales were surveyed by Place2Be. All the year groups took part in the survey. The results of the survey showed that 54% were concerned about family well-being, 48% were concerned about their friend’s well-being while 41% were concerned about school work.

In addition to this, “40% felt their worries got in the way of school, almost 30% said once they started worrying they could not stop and 21% said they did not know what to do when worried.”

Of the children that took the survey, there was a gender divide. With 22% of boys worrying about being bullied compared to the 36% of girls. Girls were also more worried about their looks, with 28% of them compared to the 18% of boys.

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