10 Ways We Are Supporting Our Foster Carers

Homeworking to support foster carers

At Anchor, we understand the difficulties that we all currently face as we navigate our new global situation. We also do, however, want to continue to support children and young people. As such, we have reorganised our resources to make sure we continue to provide safety, stability and support. 


Steps we have taken to support young people, foster carers and local authorities: 

  • We are staying up to date with the latest guidance from the Government and sharing information with our teams, foster carers, and on our social media pages so that everyone we work with has access to reliable information. 
  • We are continuing to answer telephone calls and emails as normal.
  • Our supervising social workers have increased their support for Anchor's fostering families, contacting all to reassure, discuss activities and provide assistance.
  • We continue to hold important meetings using teleconferencing apps like Teams. 
  • Our usual meetings with prospective foster carers will take place via telephone and Skype. 


Steps we have taken to protect each other and local communities: 

  • We are supporting each other through daily briefings, which take place remotely.  
  • We are using communication tools to aid homeworking. 
  • We are practising social distancing within office buildings and using the office space less and less. 
  • We continue to offer online training to carers and staff. 
  • In addition, we have provided our social work staff with hygiene and protective equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of others.