“He’s not afraid anymore, he’s far more confident and happier.”


“When we started as foster parents both my wife and I struggled at first – Our foster son was really angry to begin with, and was having numerous meltdowns every day. We were nervous but threw ourselves into it. 

"Everything has now changed dramatically.

"Now he goes to family and friends houses to play, sometimes with us but often without, something he’d never done before. This is because he’s not afraid anymore, he’s far more confident and happier.

"He also has a lot more respect for my wife. He didn’t trust women before.

“The whole dynamics of our family has changed since we've become foster parents, yes. There’s no more walking around in pants for my youngest son and now everything must be equal. We’ve had to adjust things, for example, putting time limits on gaming, but my children have accepted the changes and actually, this has had a positive effect on all the family. Now they see their foster brother as another brother. Just to see the difference in our foster son in a year is incredible. 

"He’s such a great kid and easy to love. It’s been a battle but he’s coming through the other end.“

Jamie & Joanne (Foster Carers)