Can I Foster/Who Can Foster?

We welcome anyone who wants to be a foster carer.

Anyone can foster. As long as you are over 21 and can provide safety, stability and hope. In addition to this, you should ideally be in good health and be able to drive. Many people are quick to assume that they may not be able to foster. Having a criminal record, manageable health issue or disability does not exclude you from applying.

You'll need a spare bedroom and be in good health too. There should ideally be one person in you family who is home all the time as well as someone who can drive. Most importantly, you must be able to offer a home and family environment that is safe, stable and offers children and young people hope for the future.

Warmth, kindness, energy, commitment, humour and empathy are good attributes for foster carers. We ask that you also have a desire to support children of all ages, from birth to 18.

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria, contact us and speak to a member of the team. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. After all, we know it is a big decision and we want you to make the right decision for yourselves.

Can I Foster/Who Can Foster?